Baidu adds single-camera motion capture to its digital human SaaS platform

September 27, 2022 0 Comments

Baidu, China’s tech giant known for its search engine, cloud, and AI capabilities, has introduced its latest digital human SaaS platforms — “digital celebrity management platform 1.0” and “digital human livestream platform 2.0”. The two platforms target digital idols and livestream shopping scenarios, respectively.

The digital human SaaS platforms feature four technological breakthroughs, including cloud rendering – which lowers the hardware requirement to use digital human services, fast generation of hyper-realistic avatars – one can be generated within seconds and be “tweaked” from 1358 micro parameters, single-camera motion capture and low-cost digital clothing solution. Baidu has partnered with Lingdi Technology to build a digital clothing databse, bringing the production cost for digital clothing from tens of thousands of yuan to thousands of yuan.

Baidu’s “digital human livestream platform 2.0” now allows for AI-driven digital human hosts to livestream for 24 hours straight, with pre-built templates for users to cut its management costs.

The “digital celebrity management platform 1.0” has Baidu’s own “Xijiajia” as a success story – the young female digital human accumulate over 1 million fans across social platforms 7 months after her debut, and has participated in music videos, and fashion shows. Notably, Xijiajia has become McDonald’s first AI spokesperson in April this year.

Digital humans are on the rise in China. According to Qbit’s research report, it is predicted that by 2030 the market size of digital humans will reach 270 billion yuan. Among them, the virtual idols or digital celebrities will dominate and account for about 175 billion yuan, while the service-oriented digital humans, or virtual employees, will account for 95 billion.


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